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Lemon Themed Party Inspiration: Budget Edition!

I've seen so many cute lemon themed parties, from Bridal Showers like, "She Found Her Main Squeeze" to Tuscan Limoncello birthdays.  My sister turned me on to the lemon theme.  She is getting married next year and wants a "She Found Her Main Squeeze" themed bridal shower, so I dove in head first! 

Busy & Company is all about DIYing what you can and sourcing what you can't.  We've created several gorgeous invitation templates for you to easily customize using Templett.  They can be sent to your local UPS store, Vistaprint, or other printers for tangible copies, or sent as-is as a digital invitation.  Some themes also have game and signage options.  I love the editable signs because inevitably, I forget a label for something.  With unlimited edits and downloads, you can quickly make a label for the cookies your mother-in-law insisted on bringing.  

Tuscan Lemon Party DIY Invitation Template Editable with Templett

My daughter and I were making our weekly trip to the Dollar Tree and came across these lemon plates and napkins that are absolutely perfect for a lemon party!  I snatched up several to put back for my sister's bridal shower.  The plates are appetizer size and come 12 to a package.  They napkins come 16 to a pack.  And can you guess how much a package is?  You are so smart, $1!  You cannot beat that, we cannot beat that, so get them at the Dollar Tree.  We have great Dollar Tree's around us, but I know some are hit and miss.  Did you know that you can order online and have it shipped to the store or your home?  There is a link to the plates here.  One thing to keep in mind, you will get an assortment which includes watermelon and oranges, which are also super cute.  

Dollar Tree Lemon Disposable Paper Plate

I love the convenience of disposable tableware, but some prefer the feel of real ceramic dishes.  Dollar Tree still has you covered!  They have these amazing plates for only a dollar.  These plates would really anchor a table setting and I bet no one would know you only spent a dollar on them.  Don't know what to do with them when you are done?  These can easily be donated after your event for a second life.  

Dollar Tree Lemon Ceramic Plates Dishes


I LOVE balloon garlands!  Nothing says party quite like balloons.  The last one I made was for my daughter's Lisa Frank themed party.  They are WAY easier to do than they look.  Pro Tip: if you have the time and space, it's best to blow up the balloons and assemble at the venue.  We took several trips of basically hot air to get all the balloons to the venue for her party.  

A lemon garland would be so easy to create with various sizes of yellow balloons with accents of white and other coordinating colors.  We've created a free template of lemon leaves that can be printed at home.  Cut them out and adhere them to your balloons to give them a lemon look.  The link to this template is below and can be downloaded or printed for free in Canva.  

Busy & Company Free Download Lemon Leaf Template for Balloon Garland Arch

Lemon Balloon Leaf Template Link

I hope these resources are helpful.  I cannot wait to see how your lemon themed parties turn out!  Send your pictures at or on Instagram.

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